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Coisa Nostra is the perfect combination of genuine brazilian music and modern energetic Pop Fusion Music - the nice art of brazilian music.

Paulo Alves - 1968 born in DEN HAAG / NL, a son of Portuguese emigrants, is the leadsinger, rhythmguitarist & composer of Coisa Nostra. Already at a young age he toured through France, Germany and Portugal playing with various groups trying different styles ranging from Jazz to Rock, from Soul to Brazil and back again. It is this diversity that distinguishes Paulo´s singing from the avarage.

In 1991 he relocated to Munich, where in the same year he founded the band Coisa Nostra with the drummer Elmar Schmidt.

The Munich Jazz-scene is blessed with pianist Andrea Hermenau and so is Coisa Nostra. Young, but with an old soul at the same time, she shows a remarkable intuition when it comes to brazilian music. And that sweet voice that reminisces of early bossa nova records... Lucky to have her with us.

Pedro Tagliani, lead-guitarist & composer of the band is originally from Porto Alegre in the south of Brazil, from where he moved to Germany with his acclaimed group "Raiz De Pedra" in 1993. His playing defies all rules as he dances from rock to jazz, from fusion to dreamy Brazilian landscapes flavoured with samba , choro and bossa nova. And he writes the hookiest of songs...

Fernando Ptrio on bass (also from Porto Alegre), is the missing chainlink in the rhythmsection, where he amalgamates groove and harmony. Having won the title "Best Bassplayer" in his hometown several times, it´s no wonder he makes the chemistry work with Coisa Nostra.

Coisa Nostra´s drummer and bandleader is Elmar Schmidt. Apart from having played on numerous records as a studio drummer he is always in demand as experienced live-drummer who knows how to make the music sound right. Chris de Burgh, Jennifer Rush, Temptations, RAT PACK, Julio Barbosa, Klaus Doldinger, Roy Ayers, Lygia Campos & Brazil Connection are but a few stations in his career.

Other than that he is known for his work as the brain behind the successfull revue: "Aquarelas do Brasil", with up to 40 ...


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